Our Story

While working as a Designer and a Project Manager at various architectural firms, I designed beautiful churches, high-tech schools, highly prominent shopping centers and award-winning custom homes that still stand today. I also created websites and the marketing materials used to promote those preeminent architectural firms, making them more visible to their target market.

Yet for much of my life I went largely unnoticed.

It wasn’t my name that was credited with those buildings I designed, the principal of the firm got the credit and the accolades.

From the time the prestigious architecture firm – which I was in line to partner in – unexpectedly closed down soon after the terrorist attacks of September 11, due to the subsequent economic decline; until I finally learned how to re-apply those skills I’d learned in today’s market, I struggled. At first, I literally wanted to disappear. I’d worked hard to get where I was, only to have it taken away by outside circumstances.

Then I tried starting my own business. Like so many who had been downsized during the early 2000’s, I figured I knew how to do it, I had decades of work experience, after all. What I didn’t understand though, was even though I thought I’d learned so much about how to run a business, both from watching my parents business fail after trying so hard, watching others succeed at business, and attending countless educational networking events, I was still struggling to get my business to take off. I was frustrated that people would look right past me.

Then, I realized something. While I was trying so hard to make my business work, I wasn’t letting myself be visible. I had just spent the last twenty-five years working toward a goal; starting from the very bottom and working my way to the top; building teams and designing systems and strategies to make those architecture firms more visible. I was waiting and hoping for people to notice my skills instead of putting myself in-front of the right people. I was hiding in plain sight – no easy task for a big guy like me!

And here’s what I’ve learned since losing my job at the architecture firm: A business without paying customers is just a waste of time!

For a business to succeed, you must be able to Attract new prospects, Connect with those clients and Engage them in your business. To do that, you need to make your business – and yourself – visible!

As I began to make myself stand out, I began to notice…people were noticing my business! And by implementing the visibility programs from Design328 you can get noticed too.